Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Good Week in the Studio

 A note about last weeks post. I asked for possible names for the piece to the left. Ravishing was the one I like the most and felt fit his piece. Thanks to Irena Teal.

I've had a productive week in the studio. It's not often that I have a whole day to dedicate to just creating. Wednesday was one of those days. I was also able to work several hours on Monday and Tuesday as well. I began a new confetti piece this week but I will save those photos for another time.

You may remember from months back that I was working on a thread painting of my grandson watering our garden.
For various reason I put it aside to work on other projects. I decided this week to get it out and hopefully get it finished before long. I had this much finished at that time.

I was quite happy with this part of the bib and metal clasp.

I'm also pretty happy with this part.

I took a photo of how I set my print up behind my sewing machine so that I can get good light and access to the image as I thread paint.

The area below the watering can is where I began this week. While it is mostly done that is some fine tuning I need to do to join areas of color together. The other thing that had me puzzled was how to represent the water drops that are coming out of the can. They are also dripping off the bottom of the can.

I sent and email to the SAQA Yahoo blog group asking for suggestions. This group of talented artists are so helpful and free with their information. This group would be worth the membership fee to the organization even if it had no other benefits. Below is the results of some of the suggestions.


Today, after spending quite a few hours on my feet working on a new piece, I pulled out a sample fabric sandwich to practice on.

I first made some drops on a dark piece of fabric but decided that I really needed to thread paint it similar to the jeans. I then made different shapes, used different threads as well as different colors. It's still hard for me to decided if this is going to look right in context. However, I think I'm on the right tract.

Looking forward to more time in the studio.

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  1. The thread painting is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Marilyn, I love the thread painting on this piece. It is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful work. Something to treasure.

  4. Thanks all I'm really enjoying watching this progress. Can't wait to get more done.