Friday, July 19, 2013

One Door Closes while another Door Opens

 A is for Aubrey

The highly sought-after email that begins with Congratulations, came this week from IQA Houston.  Needless to say I was elated and excited.  As far as I know the technique I used to achieve this portrait is a new one for fiber art. That makes it really exciting for me.

Spirit of the Kiva

I had entered two pieces this year so I had two emails from IQA.  When I opened the second one my heart stood still.  It did not begin with a Congratulations!

This piece had meant so much to me.  Obviously, juriers don't take that into consideration, nor should they.  They are looking for a lot of things in a piece and the time spent in the initial juriering process is short.  I have to keep this in mind and tell myself that this is a good piece.  It just wasn't the right one for these juriers.

I was very upset with myself for being so disappointed when, in fact, I had a piece chosen for the show.  I should be elated.

The next morning I opened my email and there was an invitation from Allen Coleman, director of the Pickens Museum of Art, asking me if I was interested in having my art work included in Connecting Concept & Medium: Fiber Art in South Carolina.

Another door just opened.  This exhibit will be hanging Sept 7, 2013-Nov 14,2014  and will include all types of fiber art. The Cherokee Indian Nation had a great presence in our area of SC years ago.  Haygood Mill, under the direction of the Pickens Museum, is the site of American Indian petroglyphs. How appropriate is that?

Am I still disappointed, yes a little but it's been made much easier with Allen's invitation to be in this exhibit. 

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  1. Congratulations on both counts! I love both pieces! As I've stated before, I really want to learn your technique for A is for Aubrey. I hope that somehow I can take a workshop with you to learn it someday.

    1. Regina, thanks for your comments. I am hoping that I can either get an on-line class for this technique or perhaps at one of the shows. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

  2. Glad that both your pieces have found the perfect places to be shown. Sorry that Spirit of the Kiva didn't get into Houston but it seems there was a good reason - it was destined for Pickens!