Friday, July 5, 2013

Continuing from Last Week

You may remember last week that I said I had spent a lot of time un-quilting the background of a piece I had recently finished quilting.  I'm so glad that I spent that time because I really like how the new background is looking.

The quilting is always the hardest part of the design for me to come up with, so often I go with something simple like a meander.  I did that to this piece and finished the whole background before I decided I didn't like it.  I wonder if the quilting design will ever come easier for me

Another of the things I wrote about last week was hand painting black & white photos.  I began another one this week and am using Inktense Watercolor pencils.  I really like this process much better so far.  This is the beginning.  I had planned to use the pencils on the whole flower section and when add the water, but I guess I am an instant gratification kind of person.

I couldn't wait so as I colored in the flowers I added water to watch it get more intense as I painted.

I have most of the flowers and grass painted but need to add a little more green and then work on the grass beside the boat.  I think I am going to leave the boat b & w.

Having company for a few days so time in the studio will be limited for now.

I hope to start quilting on a new piece next week and already have an idea for the design.  Hopefully that part will keep getting easier.

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  1. I think your quilting choice is perfect for the first piece. And I love how the photo piece is coming along!

  2. Those flowers are great! I really love the color + BW combo.

  3. I really like the quilting now as well, Marilyn.

  4. I really like your quilting. I do think the choice gets easier as you move along, but I find that I am always second guessing myself.

    Aren't InkTense pencils the best? I haven't used mine in a while, but you've inspired me to get them out!