Friday, January 18, 2013

Clean Out is Done

Clean out and organizing of fabric begins.  I had sorted through about four or five of my fabric bins and realize I had only a small stack of fabric that I was taking out of my stash.  I was beginning to think that I wasn't being ruthless enough.

I realized that the bins I had been through were my favorite hand dyed fabrics.  As you can see in the trunk of my car I soon became ruthless.

A little of the mess as I cleaned the room out.

This is the wall that held my peg board and design wall.  Everything is down now including the baseboard.  This photo shows the room very bright yellow/green.  It's not quite that bright and I have enjoyed the color for about eight years.

I'm going a little more subdued.  A Sherwin Williams color titled Rain.  I have taken an old wooden hutch that was on my porch and painted it Riverway. Tomorrow new pulls and hinges will be added and the walls will be painted.  Next week new flooring.

Lots of work, thank goodness we have someone laying the flooring and painting.  We are both nearly worn out.  However, I can hardly wait to see the room go together.

Neatly folding color coordinated fabric in wire bins.  How neat is this?  I am really tired but wanted to get this posted.  I really had to miss a week. 

I'm linking this to post to Nina Marie Sayre's blog Off The Wall Friday
Lots of great blog post from fiber artist, take a look and see what's happening.

PS: painting finished today.  Quite a difference.


  1. I spent months organizing and labeling and sorting and purging. But it really was worth all the effort. I could not accomplish as much as I do if I had not done this. Stay strong.

  2. It is worth it in the end. I love that you choose the color "Rain." Can't wait to see it all done. Congrats! Celebrate!

  3. Thanks, I love the color, it was finished today. Added a photo to my post as a PS. I know that once I get used to having everything organized work will go better. It just takes a long time and keeps me from doing the things I want to do, like creating art work.

  4. Looks great, Marilyn! Love the cupboard with those beautifully organized baskets. :-) I'll be interested to hear how the 'calmer' wall colour affects the way you see things on your design wall.