Thursday, September 13, 2012

Please Hang in there with Me

About the only creative time I've had recently has been to take a few photographs and play with them at night when I have just run out of steam to do anything else.

I still have a few hydrangeas blooming.  So I took a little time yesterday to go out and take some photos with my new iPad.  I downloaded a free photo app titled Mobile Monet.

The app is easy to follow and fun to play with.  I thought this was a cool image.
I spent yesterday creating word documents and getting information out to three inquiries for classes.  Not exactly fun but necessary if you like to teach, and I do.
This is an interesting cactus, common name, Skunk or Stink Cactus.  There is a good reason for for that name.  If you look close you can see flies in the cactus.  These blooms are enormous as are the buds.  Love to see it unroll.

I am on the way to NC this weekend and then back to work on our local Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild Show the weekend of Sept. 21-22.  Hope to have a post on it soon.  You won't want to miss this one. 

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