Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Well. I finally have time to sit down and do a little blogging about the Lake and Mountain Quilt Show.  Time has been at a premium for me recently, but when I talk to my friends about how the time just flies by they have the same problem.

If you didn't get to the show you really missed one of the best.
My good friend Marge Edie won Best of Show, not once but twice. The general public had a vote and members of the guild had a vote.  She won both.

A well deserved win for Marge.  I followed this quilt which took about a year and a half to finish.

Marge and I are in a Focus group together.  She first brought her design to our meeting and little bits as she put them together.  This is an enormous quilt.  Well deserved Marge.
Husband and wife team Gil and Pat Huggins won a blue ribbon for this piece.  Gil told me it started out as a comfort quilt but they liked it so much they kept it.  Congratulations.

 Haley Kelley won for the miniature category.  It is the one with the white boarder.  I have great respect for the artist who attacks a piece this small.  Great work.

Mary Dusenberry won, I think, a second place for this delightful, warm looking quilt.  Mary's sister who is in a wheel chair helped her place the panels to make this very appealing design.

Sun Hunston, is and extraordinary long arm quilter.  She's also a wonderful piercer and her quilts always win an award at out show.  Beautiful work.

Well since I had to be somewhere else at 5:00 on Saturday this is all the photos I was able to get.  Wish I had more detail but I just didn't have the time to do so.  If you missed this show we will be doing it again in two years.  Barbara, Mary and Donna are you ready yet?

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  1. Marge's quilt is fantastic...please tell her I'm sending huge congratulations...I hope she enters it in Paducah!