Friday, August 10, 2012

PayPal and Gift Certificates:Do not bother

Last year I had gift certificates to Spoonflower on my Christmas list. My two daughters give me generous ones. I used part of one about three months ago but had to get on the phone with PayPal before they would honor it. They told me Spoonflower was responsible and when I got in touch with them they said it was PayPal. It was PayPal.
 I tried to place an order again a few weeks ago but PayPal would not recognize my ID or password. I didn't have time then to pursue it further. Yesterday I spent over three hours on the phone, first to get my ID straightened out and then again when they would not honor the GC, with PayPal.

One person told us that the GC had been deactivated but could give no reason for this. They told me it would be rectified and  to try again. I did, to no avail. My husband called and talked to a "Specialist" and he said to give them over night that they were doing some updating, yada, yada, yada. I tried this afternoon and the same thing happened.

In the mean-time I emailed Spoonflower and they graciously offered to honor the GC without PayPal. After trying PayPal again this afternoon I decided to let Spoonflower take over since I felt that I had exhausted my avenues.

I'm writing this because of my frustration with PayPal and I want other people to know that this is happening to PayPal customers. I will never order anything through PayPal again. Just wanted to share this experience it might help someone not have to waste their valuable time to claim something that is rightfully theirs. Sorry to be so long winded, but this is the short version.

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