Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back Home with lots of tell about my week at J C. Campbell

The last day of classes everyone brings what they have made to Keith House for Show & Tell. Basic ladderback chair was taught by Lyle Wheeler.

 Mind you the chairs started our as trees and were whittled down on these wood horses.

These baskets started our the same way teachers, Mary Ann & Bill Smith brought the trees to Campbell in their truck.  This is what happened during the week.

 The Blacksmithing class, Forging Your Ideas into Reality was taught by Lucas House.  The Blacksmithing class is always one that is highly sought after.  Show here is a press.  Below are flowers made out of iron.

Aren't these beautiful?  Returning students have learned not to sit at the dining table with the blacksmiths.  Meals are served family style and the blacksmiths always come in very hungry.

Felt Making, rugs taught by Beck Walker is another class that starts from the beginning.  They use raw wool fresh from the sheep.

My husband doesn't always go with me when I teach but if they are offering something he's interested in, then he signs up.

Glass: The Magic of Stained Glass Open Work taught by Karen Reed was one of those classes.  This was a really unique way to work with stain glass.

I saw my husband come out of a funk, our children/grandchildren has just left from visiting for a week, to being fun and having fun in this class.
This is my husband's finished piece.   Karen gave them a selection of different patterns from which to choose.  These were traditional stain glass patterns.  They were told to redesign them to make the piece 3-D and to be incorporated within the oval ring.

Karen then gave them a styrofoam ball and cone shape and they were to make an armature and design a stain glass piece.  This, again, is my husbands design.

 Rugs, Weaving taught by Christie Rogers produced some beautiful rag rugs.  This class is in the Fiber Studio, which we share, so we always get a little sneak preview.

Wood Turning: Turn and Embellish a Deep-hollow vessel taught by Steve Sinner also produced some really beautiful wood work.  

For some reason I forgot to take photos of the beautiful chocolate made by Robert Reeb's class.  Could be I was only interested in tasting.

What's in Your Writing Folder taught by Dana Wildsmith presented a reading the night before in the library at Keith Hall.  The last post talks about the Beginning Guitar class and the Muppet class.  The only one left is the Quilting Class.  Personal Places: Portraits in the LandScape taught by me.  That's gets a post all to its self.  

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