Monday, August 20, 2012

Back Home with lots to tell about J C Campbell

J. C. Campbell Folk School, of and on, offers a class titled  "Unique Offerings"  this year I was lucky enough to be there when a class in Muppet making was in session.

David Stevens seen here with his assistant teacher Lobert taught this class.  David by himself was funny but with Lobert he was hilarious.  He's also a great banjo player and singer.

 On Wednesday evening David and Lobert presented a muppet show for anyone who wanted to attend.  JCC offers some kind of entertainment each evening at seven.  Lobert is actually making announcements here and one of the announcements was to not take photos during the performance.  David offered to let us take photos later.

Oops! I already had this one taken before he made that announcement.

David and the Muppets performed several skits and they were FUNNY.  Though focused toward children, the adults laughed and enjoyed the show,  perhaps even more, than the children.

During Show and Tell on Friday, all the classes display their projects made during the week.

I believe the top row of Muppets are Davids but the ones on the bottom are student's work.

I was amazed to see two finished Muppets for each student.

This class had only three students.  I'm not sure why more people didn't sign up, but I have a feeling that if it's offered again there will be many more students.  Me for one.
  One of the students got way-laid, by these children, on her way to Show and Tell.

I can see a wonderful use for these Muppets.  Perhaps to a child psychologist, a children's ministry, a special education teacher, a librarian or just for someone to have fun with.

 The music class this week was beginning guitar taught by Rick Taylor.  The students had shown their new found ability just before David's class presented their Muppets.

The guitar class accompanied the Muppets and their humans in two songs.

David carries his Muppet theater all over the US.  He specializes in presentations to libraries and 
schools.  If you are interested in getting in touch with him go to his web site,