Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Family Fun

It's been a while since I have had time to post on my blog. We have had our children and their families here for about two weeks. Some came and went at different time but we had them all here over the weekend. Had a wonderful time. I'm water logged from so much time in the lake.

Our last family left today, they live near San Diego so we only see them about twice a year. We had one on one time with the two grandchildren yesterday. My husband took Connor into his shop and worked with him on the lathe to make a honey dipper.

Sydney who will be eight on Thursday came into my studio to make a pillow. Sydney loves to create, when we were visiting last Feb. she came our of her room with clothing she had made for her stuffed rabbit.

I chose a pattern by Raggedy Reverse Applique titled "Bugaboos & Flowers Too". Since it was Sydney's first time using a sewing machine I chose the simple flower patter. I then told her to choose three different fabrics from my stash. When I opened the closet she exclaimed "Wow! I loved it another fiber junkie in the family.

Sydney is very intent when she does something. She listened well to my instructions and she really wants to do it all herself. She did a great job tracing the pattern on paper which she then attached to top of three layers of fabric. After following the pattern I showed her how to cut out the layer of fabric to uncover the color she wanted for each part of the design.

This is what the top of the pillow looked like before it was washed.

This is the pillow after washing and drying. Sydney also stuffed the filling and sewed the closure seam.

The proud sewer and her finished pillow.

I loved teaching her. We are hoping to spend a little more time in San Diego next year. You can bet I will have a new project lined up to teach her.

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