Friday, April 15, 2011

More Photos from Campbell Class

Kayren, did an amazing job on these portraits of her son. She sent me the second photograph first and she really wanted to do this one. However, there was a lot of background that made it hard for me to see where his face ended and the background began. The background could be dropped out but that was more than work than I was doing on everyone's photos.

She sent me several more and I was able to get a good pattern for her out of one of them. After she finished her first portrait she asked if we could work on the one she really loved. She dropped out the background and the fabric she wanted to use was too small for the technique I was teaching.

However, I told her I would help her with another method. We blew up the photo to 20 x 20 and printed it poster size to get the right proportions. I then showed her how to make her pattern pieces and look at the results.

This isn't done because she wants to add his upper body and hand which was holding a dandelion.

Kate is one of my return students from Campbell. She attended my "Fabricating Nature workshop" a couple of years ago. It's always so good to see my students return for a different workshop.

Kate made a wonderful portrait of her grandson and has plans to make portraits of the other three as well.

Stephanie chose to start her class by making a portrait of her brother's son. It turned out great.

Along with Kayren, Stephanie was pretty skilled in PhotoShop and was able to produce the pattern for her husbands photo. He has a lot of hair, both black and white (including his beard). Stephanie chose a kit I brought that worked really well for this portrait.

Stephanie plans to do some thread painting on Tom's beard and hair to make it more realistic.

I'm so proud of what was accomplished this week in my class. These women did a wonderful job.