Thursday, April 7, 2011

J C Campbell and the Beautiful World Outside my Window

I'm off to J. C. Campbell Folk School tomorrow to teach "Fabricating Faces". I love that place and will be posting about the class after I return.

How beautiful is this? We have lots of native dogwood trees around our log house on Lake Keowee. Early this week I was sitting out in my swing overlooking the beauty that surrounds me. I just couldn't let it go unrecorded.

This viburnum has more blooms this year than ever before. I love it against the blue sky.

Look at this color. I always walk around in the Spring trying to capture this green. Usually I'm not successful but this year I think I have it.

I bought a pot of hardy orchids about ten years ago when we lived in Greenville, SC. They didn't do well, never bloomed so when we moved to the lake I brought a little bunch with me. Now I have an area about three feet covered in these beautiful flowers.

Get out this week and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

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