Sunday, April 17, 2011

HiFiber Meeting for April

HiFiber met last Thursday for it's monthly meeting. Bonnie Ouellette did a demo on how to dye shibori fabric. I'm going to post on that meeting next month so I will have some photos of the results of our experiments.

I didn't talk about the demo Marge Edie did for our group last month because we had some missing members and Marge was going to give them a demo before this months meeting. Several of the members brought their finished pieces this month.

Marge gave each of us an envelope that contained several copies of the same photo as well as one copy that had been cut into 20, 2" pieces.

We were to choose 10 pieces that we didn't like and eliminate them. We then chose 5 and on until we had one left that we really liked. This piece was for us to reproduce into a 2" fiber piece.

Bonnie Ouellette's piece placed on the photo from where her 2" square was cut. Bonnie works with beads, can you tell.

Beatrix chose to paint her 2" square. I have a feeling that is the way I'm going with mine. I have lots of things happening in my 2" sq and I don't think I want to try and cut something that small.

Marge's demo photo.

Dianna brought her finished pieces, yes pieces, she tried two different ideas for her sq. unfortunately my photos of her pieces didn't turn out. Sorry

Next month I hope to have some samples of the Shibori technique taught by Bonnie.

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