Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Week at Arrowmont Art and Craft School

I've just returned from a week at Arrowmont Art and Craft School in Gatlinburg, TN. What a week. A friend of mine Judy Simmons, fiber artist, took a class from Pat Mink several years ago. The class is listed as Surface Design, but it has lots to do with Photo Shop and printing on fabric. I know a little about Photo Shop elements but by the end of the week I felt like my brain was fried.

Pat did a good job of demonstrating and gave us great notes but for someone my age who hasn't worked on computers very much this class was challenging. However, I felt when I left the class on Friday that I could indeed go home and do the work on my own.

Pat liked to call herself our helicopter, as she hovered over us. I have so much more to talk about from this class so will post again tomorrow. Hope you enjoy seeing some of the samples below from the class.

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