Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Night After Christmas

It's always a little sad the day after Christmas, especially when your family starts leaving for their homes. Early this morning our son Lee and his daughter, Ellington left for Va.

Around noon our daughter, Lorin and her family left to visit Columbia and her inl-law's. We still have our daughter Lisa but she leaves tomorow morning. While it is sad to have them leave, we had a wonderful time with all but one family being here this year.

Lee and Ellington came last Sunday so we had them for almost a week. During that time we made "dough" Christmas orniments, beaded Christmas trees, a Christmas stocking for "E's" step father, she made jewlery for her friends and we all cooked and cooked.

Christmas Eve the other two families arrived and we ate and ate. We are so thankful for our families and the love we share. So I can't let myself be sad for too long. It's been a wonderful Christmas and you may see a few of the hundreds of photos we took.

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