Sunday, December 13, 2009

Exhibit from L.I.N.T. in Ashevile, NC

Last week a small group from our "High Fiber" group in Seneca, SC went to Asheville, NC to the Grovewood Gallery to see and exhibit from a group of fiber artist named L.I.N.T (Ladies in New Textiles). Unfortunately, I won't be able to post photos until next week as my wireless is down and all the files are on my laptop.

The Grovewood Gallery is a lovely gallery located next to the famous Grove Park Inn. The gallery is filled with incredible hand made art work from acrylic paintings to wood work. The upstairs gallery has hand made furniture of the likes you have never seen. There is also lots of fiber art displayed on the second floor. Wonderful creations by Barbara Webster, www://, and Susan Lenz, If you go to Susan's blog scroll down until you see the BLV series those are the pieces that are so impressively represented at the Grovewood Gallery.

Now on to the L.I.N.T exhibit. There are featured works by Norma Bradley, Peggy DeBell, Diana DeNardis, Sondra Dorn, Vicki Essig, Suzanne Gernandt, Susan Webb Lee, Janice Maddox, Bernie Rowell, Judy Simmons, Kathy Spencer, Jude Stuecker and Jen Swearington.

These works are so in depth. You can't just walk by them and have a look you need to stop and really study the pieces. I wanted to get this posted because the exhibit ends Dec. 31 and there's not much time left to view the wonderful show. Hopefully I will get some photos up soon with a little more detail.

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  1. Hi!
    Thanks so very, very much for the nice inclusion on your blog. I've totally enjoyed scrolling through your posts....and many congratulations on your solo exhibition! Loved the progression of the folk art quilt you made for your friend Jana...very touching...truly beautiful in every way!