Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild Christmas meeting

Last night Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild had their annual Christmas Meeting. Everyone brings a finger food to share. We also bring a small gift. Everyone stands in a circle around the room and a story is ready featuring Mr. and Mrs. Wright and their family. Every time the word right is mentioned the gift goes to the right. Every time the word left is mentioned the gift goes to the left. When the story is over you take home the gift you are left with. (That's right isn't it?) This is always such a fun game, inevitably someone ends up holding two gift at once and we have to stop to find someone without a gift. This meeting is one of few times we get to spend the evening socializing and it is always so much fun.

The photo here is of Joyce Atkinson. I fell in love with her snowman jacket and just had to feature it on this post. I hope you enjoy LMQG's Christmas party.

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