Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Work

Thie is the design I ended up with. I decided that I would have the butterfliers flying in an undulating line diagnoly across the tree. I wanted the butterflies to go from large to small as they disappeared off the fabric. I needed a few more small crocheted butterflies. Fellow Focus member Barb Tenneson took one of my butterflies home with her and figured out how to make three more for me. Thanks Barb.

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  1. Marilyn I am going to comment... because I love what you have done and I truly appreciate the sharing of your thought processes. Makes me feel better to see other people also have those 'moments' of yeah or nay...
    I liked the colorful birds, but because of the subtle ... and beautiful.. background, you wanted to preserve and focus that. The butterflies are an excellent alternative to the birds.
    I think [and I could be wrong] that your butterflies would really be showcased if you added a color under them to bring them to the forefront. Not to overpower the sublties of the marbled background.I am thinking a sheer mauve organza? Just a vague shape... I see you have used it .. the shape that is.. in one of the 'declines'. I feel it would bring the marbled fabric INTO the scene...

    My 2 cents worth...
    Love your work and drop by often.