Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Work revisited

As soon as I placed the purple butterflies on the tree I knew this was the solution. I think I will discretely apply some beads. Don't want anything overwhelming the tree.

I have spent the last week slaving in my studio. I have my first one woman show at The Arts Company in Seneca, SC opening Nov. 17. More on that later.

While I've know about this show for at least six months projects just piled up on me. This piece, I'm thinking of naming it, "Spirit of the Butterfly" is one of my new pieces. The landscape I posted on my last post hopefully will be done. I also have a new piece that I have been working on for two years. Sounds ominous doesn't it? I would guess it hung on my design wall eight months without me touching it. I had my reason. Will discuss those later.

My DH and I are headed to NC tomorrow to help out his brother and sister-in-law with some medical problems. I am taking about four projects to finish there. I may be down a while, it depends on how much energy I have left.

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  1. Marilyn, this is wonderful...I love the purple butterflies so subtly floating on the lavendar tree background. I think you could use a variety of beads in the same color family to provide texture and movement. Look at Melanie Testa's piece called Happiness to see what I'm talking about...I have been studying her pieces lately and I'm fascinated with the variety in her work.