Monday, October 5, 2009

Fabrics for Fabricating Nature

This weekend I am teaching my "Fabricating Nature" class at QSC, Quilter's of SC state guild. We have two meetings a year and the Fall Retreat is this weekend. I've taught this class for several years and we always have great results. I decided today as I worked on getting my materials ready, to take photos of fabrics for different uses in the class.

My students start with their own photograph or one they have permission to use. They can do a flower, bird, insect or any large graphic photo or a landscape.

It always takes me days to get everything ready to take. As I get closer to departure on Thursday I will show you the pile I take with me. Hope this helps some of you with fabric selection. Please click on the photo for a more detailed photo. Some of my photos are not clear as I did not use my flash. However, I think I get truer colors without flash.

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