Friday, April 25, 2014

The Need to Create

 Abstract Sunshine
19"X 19"
 It's been about two weeks since I've been in the studio to create and I am missing it. I've been busy creating and assembling patterns for two classes coming up this Summer.

15" X 18"

 May 29-June 1, I will be teaching at the NCQS in Wilmington, NC. I am teaching Fabricating Faces with Thread, and Mini Nature. 

July 9-12, I will be teaching Fabricating Faces and Mini Nature at the Blue Ridge Quilt Festival in Blacksburg, VA.

 Field of Flowers
12" X 12"

 While I much prefer my students create from their own mind, or photo, I always have patterns available for those students who don't have something or those last minute sign-ups. The photos seen here are the patterns available for sale.

20" X 30"

This week has been devoted to creating patterns, printing photos and packaging.

Hey, Look at Me
 19" X 21"

I often think that I over prepare for these classes, but it is my goal to present a good class. For me, that means having everything that I, or my student needs during the class.

Pink Perfection
23" X 38"

 I love to teach. When I see the "light" go off in someones mind, or the smile of satisfaction on their face with a finished piece, I am truly well paid for my efforts.

Orange on Blue
18" X 20"

So, this week while I have moaned and complained, that I haven't had time to create my own work, in reality what I am creating is joy and satisfaction for someone else. That makes me pretty happy.

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  1. what a great attitude about learning. Putting your all into their experience.
    Your quilts are awesomely colorful. I love mates...
    LeeAnna Paylor

    1. LeeAnne, I always think about in when I am working with a lot of color. We are like minded.