Thursday, May 3, 2012

End of the Road Studios

This weekend I will be guest artist at the End of the Road Studios.  I blogged about the open studios in my last post but tonight I'm going to show you lots of photos of the End of the Road Studios.  Even if you don't find anything to buy you have to see this studio, it's incredible. 

This is the studio of Stan DuBose and his wife Robin Anne Cooper

Robin's side
Stan's side
Two of Robin's folk art animals

A corner of Stan's studio
kitchen, note lights.  These are jars Stan's grandfather used to save seed.
Robin's studio lights

Stan's Pottery
Stan's clay studio
Some of Robin's work in great room/gallery
  I'm tired of fighting Bloggers new system.   You need to come to the opening to see more.
One of Robin's work areas

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