Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fast Friday Fabric Challenge Feb.

The challenge for FFFC this month is Let's Play! Kathy Lichtendahl was the hostess. The following tells about the challenge.

This month I am asking everyone to reach way back in their psyche to tap the
memories of childhood. The idea is to create a piece of artwork that recalls
your early days - to you at least - and possibly to the viewer as well. The
subject can be something or someplace concrete that brings back memories of
being a child or it can be a more abstract creation based on a recalled
smell or sound or fleeting impression.

The finished piece may be depicted in a childlike manner or it may be
channeled through the adult you that exists today. Try not to over think the
process. The goal is to create a design based on a feeling of being a small
person at that certain place and time in your life.

Many artists spend their entire careers trying to re-create the sense of
wonder and newness experienced as a child. Some well known examples are the

Please enlarge this photo so that you can see the face well.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this challenge and thinking I didn't have time to get it done. I have been learning so much about PhotoShop Elements and am having such a good time that I decided I would see if I could get one my ideas to work in PhotoShop Elements.

One of my most vivid memories of my childhood was laying in the yard under a tree and looking for faces in the clouds.

I have quite a large stash of sky photos so I looked in that folder and decided on the photo above.

I loved the light that was shining behind the cloud, it just glowed.

The next photo I looked for was a face that really spoke to me. This is a photo I took of my granddaughter, Ellington. It was Christmas and she had gotten this Lite-Brite as a gift. She decided that she wanted to make a self-portrait. We turned the lights off so that she had a side light. I thought this turned out beautifully. I've always loved the way her eyes look in this photo.

I dropped-out the background and most of her hair. After I placed the face in the sky photo I decided it needed a bit more adjusting so I dropped out a bit more of the left side of her face.

In PSE you can move the image around, so I auditioned the face until I found just the right placement. I printed the results on an 11 x 14 piece of cotton sateen. Quilting will have to come later.

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