Saturday, October 23, 2010

October Focus Meeting

Our Focus Fiber Art group met this week at my house. It was an interesting meeting. It seems that the majority of the group was in a USE-UP/GET-RID-OF state of mine.

Diana and Veronica had been to the State QSC Retreat this month and they decided to take all their cutup fabric and just make something. Both ended up with really interesting pieces from their scrap bags.

Dixie is trying to get rid of her old teaching samples. She took a lot of them and made "Lovies" for Diana's quilt guild in Spartanburg. A "Lovie" is a small piece that has a soft backing for a child who is in distress and needs something to love. Dixie also used some 30-yr old batik from Java to make a beautiful Hawaiian applique wall hanging.

Veronica had one piece that she wanted to add circles to the surface. She always likes to have handwork for the evenings in front of the TV. The background had been done for a while so she brought it our and decided to add the circles.

Barb, had also been cleaning up her studio but her concentration was on books and magazines. I happened to see what she had on top as she walked in the door and quickly grabbed three books on making dolls.

Marge brought her ever expanding piece, it will eventually be a king size quilt. Marge is a very patient, exacting quilter. Her methods make for a very well constructed piece. She plots all her pieces out on the computer and this is where she gets her patterns. Marge shows us the grafts.

I am again working on Uncle Dave. I need some light gray hand-dyed fabric that Vicki Welsh is dying for me. Got and email the end of the week that she was going to the dye studio Mon. or Tue. sooo I should be back in business soon.

We always have such a good meeting. We missed Judy and Janet. Janet hope you're well soon.

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