Friday, August 15, 2014

Back in the Studio

This past month has been one devoted to family. We have four families scattered from SC, NC, VA and CA. We usually have them all here at the same time, this time of the year.. The year for the first time we only had three. As family grow they have so many obligations and places to be. We are grateful for time we do have and love every minute. This explains my absence for the past three weeks.

The week before we went to NC to stay with our daughter after she underwent surgery, BTW, that went well, I started a new project. It had me in it's grips immediately. I worked many hours everyday until I had the figure finished.
Our niece posted this photo of her daughter on Facebook and I knew immediately that I wanted to create it in fabric.

I began with the pants and knee pads. The fabric that I chose had great splotches of medium and dark blue.

I then added darker blue to show the folds and wrinkles in the pant legs.

Next I added the skateboard, a base for the hair, and the helmet.  The sun was coming from the left causing a shine or light on that side.

She has very curly hair with lots of darks and lights. I decided to
represent it with many different shades of yellow, gold and light brown fabrics. I've also added the shoes in this process.

Next came the audition for the shirt fabric. Now, this little girl is quite the girl jock but she is also very comfortable in pink and girlie clothes.

By no means were these two fabrics the only ones I auditioned, but it really came down to the two shown here.  I really felt that this one was more t-shirt looking and the colors really worked with the pink,

I'm liking the shirt especially after I painted over some of the extra fabric to create the folds in the shirt. This really helps show the movement as she is walking down the sidewalk. I am also auditing sideway fabric.

I decided on this Stonehenge fabric for the sidewalk and added some dark gray to construct the cracks. I added another piece of Stonehenge green fabric for the grass. Since I had to close up my studio for a while, I wanted to quickly prepare the shadow. Evidently quick doesn't work for me.

Sooooo, I went to plan B.  In this photo the green and gray shadows are not in the position they should be,  but even if they were this still isn't working.

I've posted these images on The QuiltArt digest Facebook page and asked for some suggestions, as well as the SAQA Visioning Project blog. I've gotten some good suggestions, some that I'm planning to try.

I also took this with me today to my HiFiber art group meeting and got some even better suggestions. I have to say that from the first cut I made in the fabric I was hooked. I have had so much fun working on this piece.

 Unfortunately, I am going to have to  put it away while I prepare my upcoming class at J. C. Campbell. More on that later.

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  1. I can see this as another winner. BTW, I do love Stonehenge fabrics. It's one of the few lines I still buy because I usually paint my own fabrics now.

  2. This is wonderful! Love it all until the "ghost shadow" I will be interested to hear the suggestions about what to do. I'm "shadow challenged" and would love some tips;-)

  3. It's a great piece and anxious to follow it's progress...I always use tulle to make shadows and either single, doubled or more depending on how dark I need it to be...