Friday, December 6, 2013

It's A Busy Time of the Year

 My new web site is up, please check it out.

This isn't exactly the post that I had in mind creating today but when your email server is the pits and won't allow you to get into an email that has photos you need then you ad-lib.  I really did do a little work in the studio this week and that was the photo and post I wanted to write but.......

 I made this Pere de Noel years ago when we lived in AL. Two friends and I got together and created an armature for the body. My friend had ordered the faces and we each dressed our Santa in our own style.

Let me tell you the story behind the quilt that I used to make Santa's coat. Our guild in Tuscaloosa was very active and we always had some kind of auction or raffle going on to raise money. One meeting this old quilt came up for auction. It wasn't in too bad shape but for some reason someone hadn't cut a 12" square  out of the middle of the quilt.

I didn't mind the hole as I thought I might make a jacket out of the quilt. I was outbid by another member.  This member was an older lady and she attended the meeting with her DIL. Later that year the DIL created an art quilt in memory of a niece who had died in an automobile accident.

I thought it worth a magazine article so I talked to her about the girl and the quilt. I wrote the article, took photos of the quilt and sent it to a quilt magazine that is no longer published, I believe it was called something like Quilter's Gallery. They liked the article and published it. My friend was very excited and pleased when it appeared in the magazine. At the next guild meeting she shows up with this quilt and gives it to me as a gift. She remembered me bidding against her MIL and she talked her into letting her give it to me.

When I were going through my fabric stash looking for just the right fabric for Santa's Coat  a light bulb went off and I remembered this old quilt. What more appropriate to make the garment of one of the biggest giver on earth?
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  1. well, isn't that a nice post?!! Love the santa... my dog might be overly interested in him though.
    LeeAnna Paylor

    1. LeAnna I cracked up when I ready your comment. I guess I was lucky that our dog never paid to much attention to this Santa, of course, Holly was a girl dog. Thanks for the comment.

  2. What a lovely story about Santa's quilted coat! I'll bet it keeps his body as warm as his heart -- and yours!

    1. Thanks Margaret, the holidays are a time for remembering and I was glad, after I got over being made at my server, that it wasn't working. I began the post thinking I would just show some of my decorations but once I posted Pere de Noel the whole post turned into just that one thought.

  3. Beautiful website--Holly is the greatest! She did our guild site for
    Your quilt on the home page is stunning.
    Martha Ginn

  4. Thanks Martha. Working with Holly has been a great experience,