Friday, April 26, 2013

Quilters, an incredible family

For the last four weeks my little nine year old granddaughter has been in the hospital in California.  She was admitted because she was having severe diarrhea/blood.  They ruled out bacterial and viral infections.  This took about two weeks.  She had to have a  (Pix IV, not sure of spelling) put in because they had to give her nourishment, liquids and meds.

When the infections were ruled out she had to have an endoscopy and a colonoscopy with a biopsy.  From this they found that she had Crohn's disease.  After starting medication they allowed her a liquid diet and then a soft solid diet.  After one day on the soft food she began having trouble again so off food and back on the IV diet.

This photo shows her in the courtyard with her dog Clyde.  He was able to visit.  She adores Clyde.

After her relapse I put out a request to our local guild, Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild. My friends on Face Book and the Quilting Arts Digest on line chat group.  Not only has she been receiving an outpouring of cards, someone sent her this little quilt.  My DIL said it only said from Susan, Clemson, SC.  I know Susan has to be associated with our guild and am trying to find out who this Susan is.  I want to send her a note of gratitude.

Sydney is quit the creative one.  Her room is filled with Origami cranes that were made by employees at the Museum of Natural History in San Diego, CA where my son works.  She decided that she wanted to make cranes for a little patient, down the hall from her, who has leukemia.  She made a string of them for the girl to hang in her room.

She's also been busy making sock critters.  These are made from hospital socks and some decorative thread I sent her.

 A few of Sydney's critters

I have always known how generous quilters are, I've seen them make comfort quilts, quilts for the military, homeless, chemo quilts, pillows, doll quilts for abused children, disaster and the list could go on and on.  However, when you are personally touched by the generosity of this giving community you really realize how special quilters are.

Sydney is on solids again and we are hoping that this time she will be able to tolerate the food so she can go home.

 This is a photo of Sydney going through fabric in my studio a couple of Summers ago.  When I told her she could go through my fabric and pick out what she wanted, her eyes got big and a smile crossed her face.  I think this little girl will grow into a quilter one day.  Whether or not she becomes a quilter I know that she will find a way to "Pay it Forward" because that is the kind of person she is.

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PS: Since I wrote this Sydney has received bunches of cards.  She also received a small pieced angel and a small wall hanging of two owls.  The owls came from Sylvia Weir from the Art Digest on-line group and the angel from Susan Wright of my local guild.

Sent from Sylvia Weir

by Susan Wright

I can't tell you how much receiving these have meant to this little girl.  I found out today that if things progress today as they have for the past two days that she will be able to go home tomorrow.  I also found out that her group Girls on the run have decided to honor her by making up bags of crafts, stuffed animals, etc  to take to the Children's Hospital.  What a wonderful thing that has come out of her ordeal. 


  1. Sydney sounds like a very special little girl....wishing her a very speedy recovery

  2. heartfelt prayers go out to Sydney - her Mom and you!

  3. I'm making a prayer flag next week. I'll include Sydney in it. She sounds like a wonderful person.

  4. The stories about the generosity of quilters are always touching. And may this child be granted a rapid recovery. She already has such a wonderful grandma.
    best, nadia

  5. There are many good treatments now for Crohns disease...I'm on Remicade for it. I hope they find the right solution for her right away. Sydney sounds like a sweet and creative girl!

  6. thank you all for your concern for my granddaughter. She is now home and on the mend. Quilters are the best.

  7. I hope Sydney is continuing to improve. She sounds like a real sweetheart!