Saturday, March 30, 2013

People & Portraits

Recently on a dreary, rainy day while my husband watch basketball games all day, I had the time to spend looking at my newly acquired book People & Portraits by Martha Sielman.

Normally I would have been working in my studio but I was away visiting my daughter.  I spent most of the day lying on the couch, covered in a quilt, drinking coffee and reading from front to back this beautiful new book.

It is rare that I read what I might call a book for the eyes, but I read every word written by Martha and the featured artist of this interesting and informative book.

Martha says in introduction that when she began considering the images for this book that she thought she might use age or gender to organize the book. However, she soon realized that those categories missed the feeling of the art.  She ended up using the emotional truth of the portraits: happiness, contemplation, Icons, family and friends, work and play.

A little self promotion here, on page 34 in the section on Happiness, you will find Connor by yours truly.  Martha couldn't have chosen a better section for this piece.  My husband and I decided that we would celebrate our fiftieth wedding anniversary by taking our whole family on a trip to Costa Rica.  It was the best time, best money we ever spent.  One of true happiness.

Recently I put together a power point presentation titled The Many Ways to Fabricate Faces.  During the compiling of information and photos for this presentation I emailed artist who's work I knew or had seen somewhere on the internet.  Everyone of these talented artist agreed for me to post photos and some even send more information and photos for me to use.  Almost all of them are in this book.
Kati by Aniko Feher

When I saw this piece on the internet I did not know who Aniko was nor had I seen any of her work.  The graphics of this piece is what caught my eye.  I loved the fact that she used stripes and polka dots as her border. When I saw this piece in Martha's book I was so excited.  It is the lead in for the section Contemplation.

Homeless Love by Mary Pal
Mary is one of the twenty-one featured artist. While I have many portrait artist who's work I love, Mary is at the top of my list.

It is amazing to me that she can accomplish a piece of art that looks like this using white cheese cloth, glue and a piece of black fabric as the background.

I met Mary in Houston two years ago at the awards ceremony for IQA Festival.  I had just barely made it to the auditorium before the ceremony began.  After I sat down she introduced herself and I did the same.  I have quite a hearing problem and all I got was Mary.  When they called her name for her award and I saw her piece come up on stage I almost fell out of my chair.  I couldn't believe I was sitting next to her. Do I sound a little star struck?

What never ceases to amaze me when I meet these fabulously talented artist is, they are so normal.  So sharing and modest. I could go on with other stories about the artist in the book and share more photos but,
I'm going to stop and suggest that you find your way to a book store or order off the interne, this beautiful book.

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  1. What an interesting post. The fact that you have personal stories to tell gives it so much warmth. Of course, the art work is a knock-out, including "Connor".
    best, nadia

    1. Thanks Nadia, The book is really beautiful and informative. Hope you can get one.

  2. Wow, I love these images, I'm a newbie with thread painting and so happy to see more examples. For more, pop over to see my Sir Alfred Smithers on my blog.

    1. I'm with you Caroline, I love to thread paint. Liked your Sir Smithers.